Voice Over IP – Hosted VOIP & Premise Based IP-PBX

There are so many options that it is hard for you to decipher what the right game plan should be, so we guide you to the right solution for your company. We manage and oversee the implementation and offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Prana Telecom will analyze your organization's existing telecommunications services and systems to identify billing errors and opportunities to reduce costs while maintaining and improving business processes.
We will provide guidance and recommendations to help your organization make the right decisions to address your telecommunications needs.


•  Needs analysis

•  Review of options or proposals

•  Vendor, equipment and application sourcing

•  Implementation services

•  Project management services


The telecommunications industry is a dynamic marketplace.

Not only are the technologies constantly evolving, but so is the

landscape of providers. Prana Telecom has industry expertise

in the following areas:

•  Telephone systems and equipment configuration

•   Traffic and usage studies

•   Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

•   Data networking

•    Local telephone service

•    Long distance, toll-free and international services

•    Cellular and wireless services

•    Broadband services

• Telecommunications security 


Understanding your needs and matching the most appropriate suppliers and solutions to those needs is a critical step along the path to delivering reduced costs and increased efficiency to your business. A change to a critical component of your business requires precise planning to ensure that transitions are smooth and objectives are met.


The technology available changes at warp speed. Prana Telecom is informed of new communications technologies and has the expertise to deliver the technology to you with a custom fit. Proper evaluation is completed on new products and services prior to considering them as part of an appropriate solution. Prana Telecom ensures that all available technology is considered for your specific needs, and to ensure the technology is stable and will ultimately deliver value.


Sourcing of vendors is a critical component in any decision making process. Vendors are evaluated by Prana Telecom to ensure your business’ needs will be met. Due diligence procedures are completed, including consideration of:

   •  Vendor pricing & history

   •    Service

   •    Training

   •   Maintenance 

   •  Contract language


Negotiation may be required to obtain the best product at the most effective cost. Prana Telecom's wide breadth of industry experience allows you to have the best solution with the best value.

Prana Telecom brings a blue-chip background from companies such as AT&T, Excite @ Home, Global Crossing, and M5 Networks.

Prana Telecom has strategic partnerships with a plethora of telecom systems and service providers.

Our added value is in the fact that we are experts in the field: we provide one or many options for your review, depending on what is right for each customers unique requirements.  

Prana Telecom offers you our expertise to narrow down the many options in today's marketplace, with your best interests in mind.  

Network Connectivity and Dial Tone

Prana Telecom is proud to have relationships with all Tier 1 Carriers (not limited to Verizon, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, Windstream, Broadview, Centurylink, Megapath, Spectrotel, Mettel, ATT, , Level 3, XO, Earthlink, Global Crossing, T-Mobile, Sprint) who provide voice and data network connectivity to small & mid-size businesses (Cloud, VoIP, LAN/WAN, local/long distance, Fiber, Ethernet over Copper, Cable Modem, T1, T3, International, MPLS, DSL, Ethernet, POTS, Cellular, Wireless, Telephony, Phone Systems). 

Prana Telecom Consulting & Telecom Audit

Please contact Prana Solutions at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Technology at Your Fingertips

Telecom Consulting

We analyze your telecommunication spending with a focus on streamlining operations, and put a short and long term plan in place to reduce costs. Consulting projects are either fixed fee contracts, billed on an hourly basis, or a combination of both.

Telecom Audit & Cost Reduction

Telecom Audits allow us to provide a simple breakdown of your confusing phone bill.  We offer a free service to review your bills, and present the information back to you in an easy format to understand.

We will do the work for you to create RFP's/RFQ’s or present a short list of providers to choose from. 

Because of Prana Telecom's wide partner base, we are not partial to any one carrier and will find the best carrier to provide a voice and data solution for your business.  

This is accomplished through our in-depth understanding of your needs and goals. 

As a Prana Telecom client, you will receive the highest level of professionalism with customized, expert support and project management previously impossible with multiple vendors.

Additionally, you will enjoy a reliable, state-of-the-art voice solution that will streamline internal communications, and make it easier for you to serve your own staff and clients.


   •  Network integration

   •  Adoption of new technologies

   •  Creation of mobile or remote offices and workforce

   •  System and application upgrades and replacements

   •  Hardware upgrades and replacements

   •  Acquisition and integration of another business

   •  Business expansion or downsizing

   •  Office moves and relocations